The Gift of the Red Envelope

Our Feng Shui assessments are designed to be as comprehensive as possible. You will receive all the benefits of the time-honored, classical disciplines, specifically suited to your contemporary lifestyle.


Your assessment / consultation will include:

  • An interior & exterior evaluation of your property
  • Suggestions for ideal furniture placement
  • Ideas to offset structural challenges
  • Your beneficial personal directions
  • We’ll test the levels of Electromagnetic Fields & Geopathic Stress within your home
  • Additional info & ideas on enhancing your interior design & color use with Feng Shui
  • We can also help you with the design of a new home or remodel of an existing home
  • Gift Certificates available

If you’re planning to put your home on the market, we offer staging and real estate services to help expedite the timely sale of your property.

Business/Office Assessments: Offer you all the benefits (mentioned above), but are specifically suited to your professional goals and objectives.

What is Geopathic Stress?

Although it doesn’t fall under the category of Feng Shui per se, natural earth energies and, specifically, Geopathic Stress (“GS”), definitely effects the energy within your home or listing.  And, Feng Shui is all about creating the most healthy and supportive energy possible—because a healthy environment enables you to move forward in life, whereas an unhealthy energy environment does not.

The words, Geopathic Stress mean, “Earth trauma.”  This trauma is a disruption of, or distortion to, the Earth’s natural energy field which results in harmful levels of radiation emitting from the Earth’s surface.

If/when there is a sufficient disruption to this energy field either through natural means (i.e., “Mother Nature”—landslides, earthquakes, geological fault lines, etc), or man-made causes (such as drilling, digging & development), the “current” can shift from a positive polarity to a negative polarity, adversely affecting and altering not only the Earth’s energy field but, also, the energy field of anything within the line, including houses, people, animals and vegetation.

As a general rule, the higher the intensity of the distortion, and the greater the amount of time a person is exposed to it, both contribute to the consequences it can have on one’s individual immune system.  Both also determine the degree to which a building is considered “sick” or incapable of supporting a person’s health and well-being. For example, frequent or chronic illness can be a sign of Geopathic Stress within a home.  Often, houses that have Geopathic Stress have difficulty selling regardless of how desirable, spacious, or well-priced a property may be.

Geopathic Stress needs not only to be detected, but also treated.  If you are concerned that your home, office or listing may contain harmful lines of GS, I would encourage you to employ an expert in GS detection to conduct a survey of your property and apply the necessary treatment.  Again, this is a complimentary service that we provide for you as a part of your Feng Shui assessment. We’ll also check the levels of Electromagnetic radiation in and around your home.

“A very helpful and positive class. Ms Holt is extremely knowledgeable, answers questions readily and is always prepared. “

Larry L, Encinitas

“Upon your suggestion, my husband and I changed the position of our bed, It is amazing the difference we have experienced in our ability to sleep. Having a solid night sleep is a wonderful gift that I have not had for months, even years.”

Elaine C, Carlsbad

“I have lived in my house 17 1/2 years and it was not until Kathryn Feng Shui-ed it that I truly felt at home. I now love being at home. Kathryn, you have a remarkable ability to arrange and streamline what is important within an environment.”

Peggy R, Encinitas